Play with friends and family located across town or across the globe in a social experience that can’t be duplicated with other systems. Combined with a voice-over-internet program like Skype and it’s almost like being together in person, except without the hassle of shuffling cards, counting out chips, or timing tournament levels!



Be the hero and start a poker club with work colleagues or with members of your hobby or sports organization. Link directly from your club web site, send email invitations with the built-in buddy system.



Stop paying entry fees for a private table on commercial poker sites, which require all your players to have real-money accounts there. With your own site, you create your own ring game tables and tournaments, with complete control over the blinds schedule, starting chips, and payout structure.

Try how it works

Sign up and try poker in real conditions (in this case, you automatically get $ 10 credited to your game account)

Basic Features Poker-M

  1. Play Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha-5, and Omaha Hi-Lo games in Limit, Pot-Limit, No-Limit, and Cap-Limit formats.
  2. Play 7-Card Stud, Stud Hi-Lo, and Razz games in Limit format.
  3. Play a mixed format, where any combination of other games can be played in rotation.
  4. Ring (cash) game and tournament formats supported, two to ten players per table.
  5. Tournaments played in freezeout, rebuy, or shootout format with customized blinds schedules and payout structures.
  6. Satellite tournaments supported with ticket tokens used for payouts and buy-ins.
  7. User accounts keep track of chip balances and player settings.
  8. Email validation, password recovery, buddy lists, and blacklists available for access control.
  9. Player interface contains a lobby window with lists of players and available tables, themed to your own color selection.
  10. Poker tables contained in resizable windows with animated graphics, sound effects, and an instant message style chat area.
  11. Players select from 64 available avatars to represent them at the table.
  12. Information window with each table contains basic player statistics, hand histories, and an extended chat area.
  13. Remote administration interface option allows you to control your server from a remote location through any web browser.
  14. Application programming interface (API) allows you to control your server through an external program or web site.
  15. Built-in language translation table allows you to run your site in virtually any Unicode-compatible language.



Omaha Hi-Lo games

And many other poker games


The indicated price includes installation and full setup.

The software that we offer will help you organize a gaming business without leaving your home online, we offer full setup and connection, training and consultation, as well as support.